Our testing process and repair capabilities drive maximum value to our clients.

Thorough, accurate testing ensures that your IT equipment is being handled appropriately, whether it is being demanufactured, sent for downstream processing and recycling, or remarketed. Fast testing helps to quickly determine the proper course of action to take with every item. We’ve developed a highly automated and systemized process utilizing a unique combination of asset management software tools to make the most of the asset test and repair phase.

Certified technicians sort IT equipment into groups of like items, gather initial data, and determine the proper routing of each piece. Non-working equipment may be demanufactured so that saleable parts can provide value to you. Working items are checked to determine functionality and quality.

Our tech centers include clean rooms where repairs down to board-level can be completed, enhancing financial recovery.

Regency’s test and repair facilites are capable of handling a wide range of IT equipment.