Areas of Expertise

By specializing in all facets of IT asset conversion, Regency is the superior choice for guarding your business against risk and achieving maximum value on your end-of-use IT. Our depth of experience across many industries enables us to create tailored solutions for a wide range of organizations. Ultimately, our guidance helps our clients make IT asset conversion decisions that best fit their individual needs.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandates strict patient data security in the healthcare sector. Medical providers and other healthcare companies must ensure compliance while also providing the highest quality patient care. Find out how Regency can serve your IT asset conversion needs so you can focus on serving your patients.


Educational organizations must be mindful of the data security requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). And, with the rapid growth in online and other digital education offerings, you want to be sure that your institution is getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to IT equipment. Learn how Regency protects data for your institution and your students while maximizing returns on your IT assets, allowing you to focus on your educational mission.


The financial services industry has a target on its back – 35% of data breaches affect the sector. Get in touch to learn how Regency can close the loop on your IT assets by providing secure data wiping and destruction.


Today’s consumer wants confidence that they are shopping with companies dedicated to sustainability. They also insist on the convenience of e-commerce, greatly increasing the need for IT equipment in the retail space. Discover how Regency can handle both your consumer electronics and enterprise IT equipment to best serve your organization’s growing asset conversion needs.


Telecom companies employ a wide range of IT equipment across vast geographic territories. Contact us to find out how Regency’s experience and footprint enable us to handle all of your equipment, whatever and wherever it is.


We understand that government is charged with protecting citizens and their tax dollars. Get in touch to learn how Regency can help eliminate waste and maximize returns on your IT equipment while ensuring that your data is safely and securely handled.


The defense industry requires the strictest physical and digital security standards for its data and IT hardware. Learn how Regency’s expertise and strict procedures keep your data and equipment protected.


Automation and the Internet of Things have enabled vast improvements in manufacturing processes. With that increased efficiency come concerns about the security of your data and intellectual property. Contact us to learn how Regency can provide you peace of mind about the safety of your data while also confirming that your equipment is handled according to the highest environmental standards.


Your clients’ needs don’t all fit into the same neat box. Our IT asset conversion and electronics recycling solutions don’t either. Find out how Regency can help you provide the best solution for each of your customers, no matter where they are or what services they require.


Equipment lifecycles and the circular economy are increasingly important considerations in your business. Learn how Regency can provide you and your customers with sustainable solutions for your IT asset conversion and electronics recycling needs.


As a small business, you recognize the need to make the most of every dollar. In an increasingly digital world, that emphasis on value maximization must extend to your IT hardware. Discover how Regency provides the most cost-effective solutions for your asset conversion and electronics recycling needs.