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Data Security Services That Protect the Financial Industry's Sensitive Data

An astounding 35% of data breaches affect the financial services industry. Regency can close the loop on your IT assets by providing an unbroken chain of custody for your equipment. With our pinpoint asset tracking, you’ll never have to wonder where you IT equipment is located. 

Protect your company’s and your clients’ data. Our secure solutions, including data wiping and destruction services, will give you peace of mind that your information is safe.

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Data Security

We are the guardians of your company's and your clients' data. Regional and national financial institutions such as banks, accounting firms, commercial and consumer lenders, credit card companies, and more trust Regency to guard against cybersecurity threats and data theft. We are certified to the highest industry standards for data wiping and destruction procedures, which mitigates risk to your organization.

Physical Security

Regency facilities are protected by industry-leading physical security measures and protocols. From background checks and ID badge controlled facility access to on-site guards, metal detectors, and surveillance systems, each of our facilities provides the highest level of protection for your proprietary equipment and sensitive data. Because all processing is in-house, you can rest easy knowing that we maintain an unbroken chain of custody for all of your equipment.

Customized Solutions

Our team has deep expertise meeting the unique needs of the financial industry. Your dedicated Regency team will work with you to develop a plan for your assets that supports your business goals and complies all legal and regulatory requirements. Regency services start before equipment leaves your facility and continue through final disposition. With our online portal, track the status of your assets, download customized reports, and obtain documentation of data wiping and destruction.


What Our Clients Are Saying

The Regency team is quick to respond to our requests for equipment pickup. Their prompt communication makes our jobs easier, and the fact that Regency handles the entire ITAD process, including logistics, is a huge benefit to our company.
The services Regency provides are key to our successful ITAD program. Their commitment, reliability, and responsive scheduling exceed our expectations. Regency is focused on providing excellent service and the best value at every step of the ITAD process. We recommend you work with Regency; you will be impressed.

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We are certified to leading industry standards.

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