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IT Equipment Sales and Surplus Stock Recycling That Maximizes Value for Retailers

Today’s consumer wants to know that they are shopping with companies dedicated to sustainability. They also insist on the convenience of e-commerce, greatly increasing the need for retailers to invest in IT equipment. Regency can handle both your consumer electronics programs and enterprise IT equipment to best serve your organization’s growing sustainability and asset disposition needs.

We have extensive experience working with large national retailers on their consumer electronics programs. We develop customized partnerships to process equipment from your trade-ins, returns, and takeback programs. Our unique retailer solutions create convenience for you, increase foot traffic to your locations, and add value for your clients. 

In addition to consumer programs, Regency has deep expertise providing a full suite of services for your corporate IT assets. Partnering with us on your end-of-use enterprise equipment will ensure the most stringent data wiping and destruction protocols will be used to safeguard your business’s and your customers’ data.

Employing a trusted partner like Regency to manage the lifecycle of your IT equipment is also vital in supporting corporate sustainability goals. If you’re pursuing LEED certification at your facilities, an ITAD and electronics recycling program can help. We offer a safe, secure online client portal where you can access all of the important records and documentation that prove your end-of-use equipment is managed with safe, responsible, and sustainable solutions. Using a certified ITAD partner like Regency helps your company close the loop on electronics.

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Secure Solutions

Regency is the guardian of your company's and customers' data. From leading global big-box retailers to national chains, retailers trust us to comply with strict data security and erasure requirements. We are certified to the highest industry standards, which mitigates your cybersecurity risk and protects your customers.

Environmental Sustainability

We take our responsibility as a protector of the environment seriously. Our team will work with you to support your environmental and LEED goals through sustainable partnerships and ITAD solutions. We have developed proprietary procedures to ensure your equipment is repurposed, resold, or recycled so that it never ends up in a landfill. We always provide safe, responsible, and sustainable recycling solutions for our clients and the environment.

Value Recovery

We are focused on generating maximum value from your retired IT assets. Our extensive national and global sales channels reach a large base of customers looking to purchase refurbished IT equipment, computer components, and scrap commodities. Our services create value that improves our clients' bottom lines.


What Our Clients Are Saying

The services Regency provides are key to our successful ITAD program. Their commitment, reliability, and responsive scheduling exceed our expectations. Regency is focused on providing excellent service and the best value at every step of the ITAD process. We recommend you work with Regency; you will be impressed.
Regency is easy to work with, and they always do what they say. Their services and pricing are consistent and reliable. Unlike our previous experiences, our dedicated sales rep and the rest of the Regency team deliver every time.

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We are certified to leading industry standards.

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