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Extensive Data and Physical Secure Measures - Data Erasure | Hard Drive Shredding | Asset Tracking

Keeping your IT assets and the data they hold safe is of the utmost importance in today’s digital world. Trust Regency to provide complete security solutions for your IT equipment to give you peace of mind and let you focus on other business priorities.

Regency provides all the following security services:

Data Security:

  • Facilities and processes certified to International Secure Information Governance & Management Association (i-SIGMA) NAID AAA, the most well-known and respected standard in the data security industry
  • Data erasure using regularly audited wiping equipment
  • Adherence to National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) and/or Department of Defense (DoD) protocols
  • Data destruction (on-site or at a Regency facility)

Asset Security:

  • Logistics services using Regency personnel or approved transportation partners
  • Detailed asset tracking capabilities
  • Secure and verifiable chain of custody
  • Extensive on-site security measures at all Regency locations
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[ data erasure + security ]

Strict data erasure and security procedures eliminate risk and comply with the most rigorous industry protocols.

Regency has more than 20 years of experience and expertise with the constantly evolving technology in the IT industry. This helps us continue developing new, industry-leading standards that ensure our data erasure and destruction techniques are the most advanced and secure options available. 

Data security is a critical aspect of everything we do. Our facilities maintain NAID AAA certification, the gold standard for data security in the ITAD industry. All data-containing assets processed at Regency locations undergo a data destruction process on wiping machines that are regularly audited to ensure adherence to NIST 800-88 and/or Department of Defense 5220.2-M guidelines. Our strict protocols to overwrite information and software render all data permanently removed and unrecoverable. We also provide data destruction through demanufacturing and in-house physical shredding.

  • i-SIGMA NAID AAA certified facilities
  • Secure processing locations featuring compartmentalized access control and constant video surveillance
  • Documentation of data security or destruction, including Certificates of Destruction, provided in every client report
  • Regular audits to verify that our data wiping processes meet NIST 800-88 and/or Department of Defense 5220.2-M guidelines

[ asset tracking ]

Real-time updates let you follow your equipment from pickup through final disposition. 

Regency’s precise electronic asset tracking process creates a unique tracking record for every asset we handle. This record can include data such as the item’s serial number, manufacturer, model, and other attributes. It even pinpoints the location of the item in our inventory.

Our tracking record allows you to follow your equipment from the time it leaves your facility until its final sale or disposal, verifying a complete chain of custody.

Why is this important? You have access to documentation of data erasure, certificates of destruction, and other crucial information. Reports detail it all with a granularity not available through other providers.

  • Barcode scanning to track your assets
  • Accurate and timely data
  • Track equipment to ensure an unbroken chain of custody
  • Pinpoint exact location at any time

Follow your IT from pickup through final disposition

Physical Asset Security

Physical security of your assets starts before they ever enter our facilities. Regency and our logistics partners enforce a strict chain of custody to ensure unbroken accountability and the highest level of physical security possible. In addition to control throughout transport, we employ extensive safety measures throughout our facilities to ensure your data and devices are protected from theft and cybersecurity breaches. For those clients with specific security requirements, we work with you one-on-one to design a security procedure that will mitigate risk and adhere to all necessary precautions and standards.

Regency security measures include:

  • Guarded metal detectors controlling access to operational areas
  • Trained security presence on-site 24/7
  • Secure, gated truck entrances
  • Barbed wire fencing at facility perimeters
  • Compartmentalized access to operational areas via ID and security-access badges
  • Lockboxes, cages, and secure areas to store high value and sensitive equipment
  • Site-wide security cameras covering vital areas and access points
  • Alarmed emergency exits
  • Strict hiring process including background check, drug screens, and eligibility verification
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We are certified to leading industry standards.

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