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The ITAD Provider Best Equipped to Recover Maximum Value from Your End-Of-Use Electronics

With more than 20 years of experience providing ITAD service to manufacturers, we are experts in recovering maximum value from your older and end-of-use electronics. Our proprietary processes allow us to recover the remaining value in your electronic and electrical assets, regardless of the type of equipment. Strategically located facilities around the country reduce freight costs. All of this helps us to offer industry leading value recovery for our clients.

Regency’s strict procedures and secure facilities keep your data and equipment protected. Our secure solutions include certified data wiping/destruction procedures and industry-leading security measures throughout the chain of custody. We have deep experience handling both common IT assets and highly specialized equipment found in manufacturing settings. Our advanced security measures will give you peace of mind that your proprietary data and intellectual property are safeguarded. Find out more about our secure solutions.

Regency mitigates risk to clients through strict adherence to industry certifications and extensive health, safety, and environmental policies. Being a protector of the environment means that we always take the necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of our employees as well the world around us.

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Data Security

With increased automation and innovation come concerns about the security of your data and intellectual property. Regency can provide you peace of mind knowing your data and proprietary equipment are safeguarded. We hold the highest industry certifications available, which mitigates risk to your organization. These certifications mandate strict data security procedures, including adherence to NIST 800-88 and Department of Defense 5220.22-M standards.

Value Recovery

We are focused on generating maximum value from your retired IT assets. Our extensive national and global sales channels reach a large base of customers looking to purchase refurbished IT equipment, computer components, and scrap commodities. Our services create value that improves our clients' bottom lines.

Customized Solutions

Our team collaborates with clients throughout the manufacturing industry to create tailored ITAD programs that meet their complex requirements. No matter your needs, Regency will design a program that suits your business. And, since Regency is certified to the highest industry standards, we always provide safe, responsible, and sustainable ITAD and recycling solutions for our clients.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Regency is easy to work with, and they always do what they say. Their services and pricing are consistent and reliable. Unlike our previous experiences, our dedicated sales rep and the rest of the Regency team deliver every time.
We highly recommend Regency over other providers. Their service and rates are top notch. They are easy to work with and always take the time to discuss any questions and concerns we have. Their vast knowledge, attention to detail, and concern for quality helped us stay on track to meet our needs.

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We are certified to leading industry standards.

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