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Secure, Sustainable ITAD and Recycling Solutions

We customize a complete ITAD solution to meet your unique and complex needs. Regency’s advanced capabilities maximize the value of your assets; support health, safety, and environmental goals; and safeguard your physical and digital assets. Your experienced Regency team is dedicated to supporting you through every step of the ITAD process. We won’t settle for “good enough.” We want your experience and partnership with Regency to be exceptional.

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Mitigate cybersecurity risk with a trusted partner

[ data erasure + security ]

Strict data erasure and security procedures eliminate risk and comply with the most rigorous industry standards.

Regency has more than 20 years of experience and expertise working with the constantly evolving technology in the IT industry. This helps us continue developing new, industry-leading standards that ensure our data erasure and destruction techniques are the most advanced and secure options available. 

Data security is a critical part of what we do. For every item received, we adhere to NIST 800-88 and Department of Defense 5220.2-M procedures. Our strict protocols to overwrite information render all data permanently removed and unrecoverable. We also provide data destruction through demanufacturing and in-house physical shredding. 

  • All facilities utilize extensive physical security measures and are under constant video surveillance
  • Data security documentation, such as Certificates of Destruction (CoDs), provided with client reports
  • Adherence to NIST 800-88 and Department of Defense 5220.2-M procedures

[ asset tracking ]

Regency’s precise electronic asset tracking process creates a unique tracking record for every item we receive. The record includes important attributes of the device such as item type, manufacturer, model, serial number, specs, and other data. That tracking record follows each item throughout the ITAD process, allowing us to pinpoint its exact location in our inventory at any time.

Our tracking record allows you to follow your equipment from the time it leaves your facility until its final sale or disposition, verifying an unbroken chain of custody.

Why is this important? You have documentation of data erasure, Certificates of Destruction, and other crucial information. Reports give you access to important details at a granular level, providing you peace of mind that your IT assets are handled safely and securely.

  • Barcode scanning to track your assets
  • Accurate and timely data
  • Verified chain of custody
  • Ability to locate assets at any stage of the ITAD process

Follow your IT assets from pickup through final disposition

Your IT info at your fingertips

[ data reporting ]

Regency offers you one of the most powerful reporting systems in the industry. You have secure online access to information on logistics, testing, data erasure, remarketing, recycling, and more. 

Our dynamic system allows you to view, sort, and filter data. The precision of our asset tracking system provides constant updates and a level of detail that users across your organization will find valuable. 

  • Secure online client portal
  • Reporting of key IT asset details and attributes
  • Security details including Certificates of Destruction (CoDs)
  • Sustainability reports
  • Data reporting based on your input and parameters

[ test + repair ]

We create client value through an efficient, proven test and repair process. With more than 20 years of innovation in the ITAD industry, Regency has developed proprietary processes that allow us to quickly and accurately test equipment to determine the best path. Whether it is being resold, separated into valuable components, or recycled, our system maximizes client value. Our sophisticated process uses a unique combination of asset management software tools and experienced repair technicians. This generates maximized value and reduced costs.

Certified technicians sort and analyze each item to determine the ideal processing method and sales channel. For every type of IT equipment, we maximize value for our clients.

  • Maximize resale value through advanced repair capabilities
  • Proprietary test + repair process helps ensure all resold equipment meets strict quality standards
  • Certified technicians are able to handle a full range of IT equipment types

Driving maximum value through test + repair expertise

National footprint + global capabilities

[ logistics ]

Regency’s strategically located facilities enable us to serve clients with geographically diverse needs. Within 48 hours of a request for ITAD service, Regency can make arrangements to pick up equipment anywhere in the world.

Logistics is much more than trucking. This is where the chain of custody begins and accountability is key. Whether we’re removing systems from your work area or emptying a storeroom, we track equipment to protect you from risk and give you peace of mind.

We cover the real-world details, too. Your dedicated Regency team will check in with you beforehand to ensure a trouble-free pickup. We will gather all the details and tailor a pickup to fits your needs. From full truckload to white-glove service, we are prepared to handle all your logistics needs.

  • White-glove service capabilities
  • National footprint reduces transportation costs
  • Secure chain of custody mitigates data security risks
  • Fully vetted drivers and transportation partners
  • Global partner network allows clients to consolidate all of their ITAD needs with one provider

[ certifications ]

We are certified to leading industry standards.

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