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Safe, Responsible, Sustainable Electronics Recycling

Regency is a trusted electronics recycling partner. We understand that electronics recycling means more than just retiring your old assets. It means guarding clients against risk and protecting your brand reputation through an electronics recycling process that is safe, responsible, and sustainable. [ regency’s mission ]

Our e-scrap recycling operations occupy more than 1,000,000 square feet of space dedicated to the disposition of end-of-life electronics. Our vertically integrated process encompasses everything from pickup to recycling, ensuring control of the chain of custody and reducing your liability risk.

We have been innovators in the ITAD industry for more than 20 years. Our company and employees have a history of leadership in the ITAD and recycling industry, which gives you a partner committed to the continued development of a circular economy. Our environmentally conscious approach means that your reclaimed e-scrap materials will be used to manufacture a wide range of new products.

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e-Stewards Recycling

Using an e-Stewards certified ITAD company helps ensure that your are engaging in sustainable practices that mitigate risk and protect the environment.


Manual disassembly of electronics generates the cleanest commodities for resale. These materials will become the building blocks in the manufacture of new electronics and other products.


Mechanical shredding systems enable us to handle all electronics, regardless of the volume or type of assets. Advanced materials separation equipment recovers various commodities for sale and reuse in manufacturing.

e-Stewards : leading electronics sustainability standards

[ e-Stewards recycling ]

Companies select an e-Stewards certified ITAD partner to support their sustainability goals and efforts. But choosing an e-Stewards certified provider isn’t just environmentally responsible, it’s smart business. e-Stewards certified companies adhere to strict standards throughout the ITAD process. These standards protect employees, clients, other stakeholders, and the environment.

The strict e-Stewards standard supports sustainability, but it also helps protect businesses and clients from data, health, safety, and environmental risks. 

Find out more about Regency’s commitment to sustainability and our Health, Safety, and Environmental Policy.

e-Stewards certified facilities help protect clients in the following areas:

  • Returns / Warranty / Trade-Ins
  • ITAD / Remarketing
  • E-scrap / Recycling
  • Data Destruction

[ demanufacturing ]

Retired assets that are determined to be beyond their useful life enter our recycling process. Regency recycles more than 150 million lbs. of end-of-use electronics annually.

The demanufacturing process begins with systemized dismantling of computers, data center equipment, mobile devices, flat panel monitors, and other electronics. This material separation produces well-segregated and remarketable commodities. Electronics are broken down into a variety of materials to be resold as components or commodities, such as circuit boards, ferrous (steel) and non-ferrous (aluminum, copper, etc.) metals, hard drives, batteries, plastic, and other materials. 

Certified skilled technicians processing equipment with high-efficiency tools help maximize return on e-scrap commodities. 

the IT disassembly process

converting your e-scrap to new products: closing the loop

[ shredding ]

For some types of electronics, manual disassembly is not economically or logistically feasible. Regency uses mechanical shredding systems to reduce the size of these items and enable further separation of their constituent materials. Shredded materials then pass through our state-of-the-art separation technology to extract ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and plastics before final sorting.

After dismantling and shredding, all commodities are packaged to ensure safe shipping to approved outlets. These commodities then become raw materials to be used in the manufacture of new products. Regardless of the type of materials, our shredding and dismantling process can handle it. 

Advanced equipment and technology are used to turn your e-scrap into raw materials for new products. Regency Technologies reduces the impact on the environment by processing recycling in-house.

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We are certified to leading industry standards.

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